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We are expecting another batch of Resin Broncos soon, as of June 7, 2016.

Thanks for the support.

I will be updating the site with photos of builds from our faithful readers and builders soon.

First Test Shots Have Arrived

I received two bodies from the caster today.
I am excited!
I’ll have more info and pics posted soon.
Great news!
Note that the chrome rims and Goodyear tires are not included: They are from a donor kit; the Revell/Monogram ’80s Bronco kit.

Here are some more pics of the first Bronco in progress.


It’s now September, 2013, and we hope to have a sample of the first batch of the 1/25 scale versions of the Cheez Cast Bronco. Watch for updates real soon.


Thank you for your order of the Resin Bronco model kit.

We should have it ready in a couple of days.

We have each kit cast when they are ordered, and they will be shipped from the resin caster in the Mid-West.

Mahalo for your order, and send us photos of your build along the way.